For your convenience, Nashville Nannies accepts all major credit cards and we will process your payments onsite at the end of each time of service. Private residences may also pay by check upon request.

Four-hour minimum

There is a four hour minimum for each time of service, including multiple services on the same day.

Parking, booking, or transportation charges may apply.

Any parking charges are to be reimbursed to the caregiver by the client.

Gratuities gratefully accepted.

Nashville Nannies, LLC is a referral agency for Nannies. The nanny works directly for you; not Nashville Nannies, LLC. Nashville Nannies, LLC makes every reasonable effort to screen our Nannies including reference screens, background checks, and in-person interviews. You agree to hold Nashville Nannies, LLC harmless from any damages incurred by caregivers we refer. You also agree not to hire a Nashville Nannies, LLC nanny directly through them, but to always go through the agency.


We require three hours notice for cancellations. Cancellations within three hours of the requested start time will be billed $25.00. Cancellations within one hour of the start time will be billed the full four-hour minimum.

All of our nannies must be referred to us by people we already know and trust. As part of the application process they are also required to give us three personal and professional references. Each nanny has gone through an in person interview to discuss her ability to fulfill the job requirements. All of our nannies undergo a criminal background check and are required to keep a current CPR certification.

It is very important that our nannies stay in close communication with our office via text and frequent emails. They keep us up to date on their availability on a weekly basis. All of our nannies will bring toys and games to each job so that they are prepared to make their time with your child fun and engaging. Providing a safe, fun environment is our top priority. Our nannies are fun, and interactive, playful, non smoking, educated, English speaking, professional and nurturing. We offer a variety of ages to help fit your family’s needs and ALL of our nannies will hold the same high moral standard!


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Hourly Rates

$23 for 1-2 children
$25 for 3-4 children
$28 combined families up to 4 children*
(a small credit card processing fee may apply)
(*age restrictions may apply)

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​8:30​ ​a.m.​ ​to​ ​6:00​ ​p.m.,​ ​Monday​ ​–​ ​Saturday
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