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Here, at Nashville Nannies, we believe everyone is born with a gift. We have made it our mission to cultivate a team of people who are called to serve in this capacity. We ensure our babysitters are not just in “it” for the money, but actually have the patience, honor, and personality that is required to care for your children.

Nashville Nannies specialize in hotel and event childcare. We understand that parenting can be an exhausting juggling act at times, and that is why we are here to extend a helping-hand. Many of our clients rely on us when they need to attend corporate events, conferences, meetings, weddings, receptions, or even just some time to unwind.

Childcare You Can Trust

Our nannies are highly experienced with children ranging from 6 weeks old to 17 years of age. We know that trust is an important aspect to childcare. Your children mean the world to you, and their safety is a number one priority. Our babysitters know this and they don’t take their jobs lightly.

To ensure the safety of every child, each nanny has gone through an extensive background check. Before completing the hiring process, our Nashville Nannies are trained and certified on infant and child CPR procedures. We also have an array of babysitters with experience in special needs.

All of our nannies are also educated on the severity of allergies. Whether it’s food, drug, or environmental allergies, our babysitters have been instructed on how to handle these situations, and on how to use an EpiPen if need be.

More About Nashville Nannies

We Also Serve Surrounding Areas

Our reputation in the industry has opened doors for us to serve several hotels within the Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin areas.

No need to worry about making another stop before your event. We come to you and provide the toys, games, and entertainment; ensuring your children have an enjoyable, safe time. Our main priority is to do an exceptional job in caring for your children, and to give you the peace of mind you need to be fully present at the event you’re attending.

Hotel Babysitting

Our babysitters can make an eventful day for your child indoors or outdoors. With your permission, your nanny can take your kids on an outdoor adventure around the city, or hotel pool. They can also bring the adventure to your children and keep the fun indoors if that’s what you are more comfortable with. With us you have choices, and your kids will be entertained as well as taken care of.

Nashville Nannies also offer overnight-babysitting services. With the option of having our babysitters come to you, there is no need to worry about having to take your child in and out, and possibly disturbing their sleep.

For more information, see our Rates and Policies.

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Nashville Nannies is a fantastic company... very very helpful and trustworthy. We have used them here in Nashville quite often and recommended them to friends and neighbors, as well as visiting families in town for weddings and other celebrations. Everyone is grateful to have an easy way to find reliable childcare, and so are we!!

Sarah Andrews 

When my husband and I visited the Nashville area in search of a new home, we were struggling with having to take our son with us to all the open houses. We didn't know anyone in the area and are incredibly protective with leaving him with someone we don't know. So when we found Nashville Nannies we couldn't be more excited! They had outstanding reviews and our hotel highly recommended them. They sent one of their nannies directly to our hotel room to watch our son. We were able to continue looking at homes with the peace of mind our son was safe and even having a great time while we were away. We used Nashville Nannies even after we moved to the Nashville area. I would highly recommended Nashville Nannies to anyone looking for a safe and caring nanny to watch their little ones. 

Christina McClintic Owner and Operator of Deer Ridge Stables

I was truly impressed with this sitter service! I had never left my child alone with anyone at the time, but my husband and I were visiting an amazing city and it was my birthday--we needed a night out. When our sitter arrived she was friendly, energetic, and prompt. My daughter warmed up to her instantly and they started playing while I finished getting ready.

Chelsea texted me shortly after our departure with a photo of my daughter playing to let us know that she wasn't crying so we could relax and enjoy ourselves. When we returned, my daughter was fast asleep and Chelsea had cleaned up the room and all toys that had been played with. What a wonderful company! I cannot say enough about the sitter or the service. I wish more cities and/or hotels offered this!

Alysia Fulford 

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